#fridayfootprints – Friday 12 March 2021

To hold the beauty of nature in your hand is to feel creation connecting with your soul.

We cannot but marvel at nature’s glory without crediting God for the world He created for us to live in. To let nature speak to us through sight, sound and touch is to allow God into the innermost part of our being.

It is then that the Holy Spirit starts His dance upon the synapses of our existence until every cell is focused on the Glory of God.

Could we, would we …. want it any other way?

Dance Your dance, that I may dance with the Lord to the music of nature’s bounty, that I may sing His praises to the beat of a butterfly’s wings, that I may go on bended knee and worship Him, Creator of all things!

Whisperer in my wilderness, your embrace holds me in the palm of Your hand.



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