#fridayfootprints – Friday 14th February 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As the world gets ready to celebrate ‘undying’ love. As a society of lovers profess untold devotion on bended knees and floral bouquets, do we realise it has all been done before?

So, Lord will you hear me on bended knee?

In a whispered silence: Yes Lord, it’s me.

I’ve come to say, You know it well.

A story that I long to tell.

Of a love so deep and true and sure.

A love that death defined as pure.

In blood that dripped and trickled down,

I know you suffered without a frown.

But Lord, I know what you long to hear,

that my love for you is just as dear.

That I’d bear the pain that you took for me:

In silence for the world to see.

I bring my bunch of bright red blooms

and lay them at the empty tomb.

I kneel in prayer and stand in praise

that your love for me will one day raise.

And every minute of every day,

I’ll love you Lord, come what may.


I will hold you as my Valentine,

‘cause I am yours and you are mine!

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