#fridayfootprints – Friday 14th June 2019

If there is one group of people that really grasp the concept of the Trinity, it should be gardeners!

Evidence of a Triunal presence abounds in our cultivated (and natural) habitats.

Just one glimpse of a flower and the ‘three in one’ bursts out into our world. We cannot separate the power of the structured petals, nor can we say that any one colour could exist without the other. The flower stands in its glory.

Could it be better or clearer?

Do we expect one colour or one layer to do all the work of bringing forth the beauty that stands proud? Do we long for more of one than the other?

Gardeners remain spellbound in the Creator’s perfect perfection. We stand in awe of the presence of the peace that washes over us in the full knowledge that the Counsellor shows us the fundamentals of our Faith in the Master Gardener’s harvest of Grace.

The Trinity, inseparable in the eyes of Gardeners with God!

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