#fridayfootprints – Friday 19th March 2021

The late summer rains lie heavily on the plants in my wilderness and the waters of my baptism are a weight that bends my Lenten soul!

As light as the ‘ashes’ are, I feel the extra burden that my baptism brings to my times of reflection as I listen for his whispers.

Whilst the rain is desperately needed, as is the baptism; both bring their share of responsibility that leave me pleading for the Son to shine again.

Yet, this is the Lenten course we follow. Our service is to Him and is His alone. So, as I bend, I pray on ‘bended’ knee for my ashes to be mixed with the droplets for together they form a medium for new growth, new plants, and new flowers to bloom in His creation.

That is His whisper in the wilderness!

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