#fridayfootprints – Friday 20th March 2020

Social Distancing!

A concept forced upon us by the COVID19 pandemic but something that Christians should be doing every Lent. That 40 day journey into the wilderness that makes up our spiritual core.

Social distancing is a chance to get away from the distractions that the world offers. Social distancing is alone time. Social distancing is heading out for the ‘Son’. A chance to feel His warmth on your skin. An opportunity to smell the ozone in the air. The rise and fall of the swell beneath you like the steady pulse of God, breathing in as the swell forms beneath us and breathing out as it passes.

In ‘social distancing’ there is a difference between loneliness and alone. Alone is when we are with God in thought, word and deed, bound up in His boundless Grace and Love. Loneliness …. When we have nothing.

That is also the difference between heaven on earth and hell. One we can survive in, flourish actually! The other …. Let us rather not go there!

The pandemic that we face in every continent, country and culture is an opportunity to spend some alone time with God. A chance to do some real ‘Soul’ searching. There are so many positives to be found. Let us dig them out and present them to the world.

Stay safe! Stay alone and head out for the ‘Son’.

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