#fridayfootprints – Friday 22nd July 2022

Words upon words; layered in rhythms, pastel shades, and down-feathered lightness, float in the gardens of creation.

Seeking Him is a journey of seeking the words that are purposefully left for us to discover as we explore the creation that extends before like a vista of an African landscape.

Finding the words is not a treasure hunt but an adrenalin-infused adventure.

Finding His words is like catching dandelion clocks floating in the cosmos of our existence, each in our own Eden.

As we turn the pages of His word, so the seeds of letters formed at the beginning of time reach out to connect with us in a fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Letters become syllables that come together and form conjunctions of faith in the sentences of our Christian DNA.

Unspoken words that reach into us and speak to the soul are His whispers that have the power to transform our lives, reaching in and pulling out all that is good within us and give meaning to the Grace He has bequeathed to us.

Seek His words, let them speak, then give them structure, voice and volume!


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