#fridayfootprints – Friday 26th July2019

The most beautiful part of prayer is the ability to focus entirely on ‘Our Father’.

It just so happens that for many of us, we find this focus very elusive due to all the ‘white noise’ in our lives and the world around us.

Being able to cut out this noise and have meaningful prayer means removing even the self-created white noise such as the; ‘…but Lord,’ and the ‘.. what if, Lord?’ or perhaps the ‘…why, Lord? Or even the ‘…if only, Lord.’

If, “teach us to pray, Lord”, becomes focused on self, we miss out entirely on the ‘golden nuggets’ that are waiting desperately to be found, not so secretly buried, in the prayer that He has given us.

In God’s Garden, the white noise is replaced with His noise and we can listen to Him, secure in the knowledge that whilst we are focused on Him, we have a greater understanding of how He is focused on us for the sole purpose that we may Garden in God’s Kingdom!

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