#fridayfootprints – Friday 27 August 2021

Breath in:


Imbibe on the aromas of Heaven walking amongst the scents of the first spring flowers.

Each breath is an inhaling of notes and syllables, that joined, become words. And the words strung together, become phrases and these are His whispers in my wilderness and the fuel of lyrics sung by angel choirs.

Each exhale, from prayer to praise returns the scent to heaven, sent as an answer to His call and in recognition of the relationship we cultivate in the gardens of His creation.

The Holy Spirit thankfully lingers in the air long after the scents have dispersed in the breeze. The Spirit gives substance to the whispers as much as He adds meaning to the prayers and praise we offer up.

Heaven’s scents are His ‘ventilator’ in a world filled with pandemic. These mists of fragrances are the oxygen He sends that keeps us alive and grounded in our faith.

Inhale Him into every room of your soul,

And live!

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