#fridayfootprints – Friday 27th November 2020

It has been a long, long year!

So many people have and are struggling to cope with ‘lockdowns’, lay-offs, hardships in many shapes and forms and the impact of various levels of fellowship starvation!

So yes, the blues have taken hold of the general human psyche.

We see the blue without noticing the scattered specks of white. We focus on the blue and not on the white. We focus on ourselves and not on the Trinity. It is the Trinity in its triunal form that gives us the specks of white to concentrate on.

Perhaps this has been the message all along. Spend more time with Me! Study Me. Listen to Me. Praise Me. Worship Me. Let Me inside you.

Just one speck of white. One snowflake on a sea of blue, one floret of His creation and the world will start to feel like a better place. Once we find that fellowship with Him, the white will grow until its whisper surges through our being until there is no space left for the blue in our wilderness.

As we prepare to enter Advent, so we are presented with His symphony, of colour, sounds, shapes and textures as the fulfilment of creation. We prepare for His promise of a Light to the world, a light so white that the tiniest speck is enough to dispel any darkness within us.

Find the white and let its light brighten your darkest days in the week ahead.  A light to still each soul and bring peace!

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