#fridayfootprints – Friday 28th February 2020

Living on borrowed time!

Time that has been “lent” to us.

Time that has been given, along with all the gifts at God’s disposal. Gifts that are there for us to use – to His Glory!

Perhaps this is now the time during Lent to do a bit of soul searching – a Spiritual Audit. An assessment of where we stand on the paths that lead through the Wilderness. A time for circumspection on what our faith means to us and to what impact this same faith is having on us as well as those around us.

A journey through Lent can be an enriching process as we come to realise anew, not what we should be giving up, but rather what have we given up over the years that we should be doing. What are we leaving out that we have never done, that should form part of our commitment to the Trinity?

Journeys through and in our individual wildernesses bring us back to the very core of our being. A return to the dust out of which we were born and one day where our ashes will remain. The legacy that we are so intent on building, matters not to those left behind. For in generations to come the graves will lie untended and forgotten.

Yet time spent with the Lord is not borrowed time if we come out richer on the other side. This period in our spiritual calendar has been ‘lent’ to us for just such a purpose. An ear ‘lent’ to the whispers of the wilderness will hear His voice and feel His presence and know His Grace.

Discover Him, all of Him and all His gifts and promises. And serve Him!

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