#fridayfootprints – Friday 28th June 2019

Gardening with God often finds me on my knees in the garden, sometimes on my haunches and occasionally just walking around, yet my perspective of God is always within the boundaries of the things I see around me. Whilst I am amazed by His creation which I experience daily – the boundaries are still there.

If I cast my view beyond the garden, there are still boundaries on His magnificence depicted by the horizons I see all around. Even if I was to wait for nightfall, the stars still cloak my perceptions.

Yet, if I was to lie back and gaze up into the blue sky above me, the fullness of His presence comes flooding through.

In the blue sky there are no boundaries to limit my understanding of God. There is no limit to His abundance, just more layers of blue. It is through this that I am drawn into Him. Sucked into His vastness! And if I lie there in Him, slowly I can feel His absolute immenseness begin to flow into me.

Ever so slowly, the Holy Spirit permeates through my being until I become the sky and soar with Him through the Heavens. Here there are no boundaries to limit me being what I am meant to be – and that is why I garden with God.

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