#fridayfootprints – Friday 29th July 2022

We live in a world where life goes by at the speed of light. Before we have taken the second sip of our morning coffee the sun is setting in the evening sky, and the day is done!

Taking time for ourselves seems to be an unattainable dream that makes us consider adding this to our ‘bucket list’. And taking time out for God will need a miracle of ‘flood’ proportions.

Yet amongst the stress and angst that threaten to envelop us, is a hand that reaches out. A hand that exists wherever we look. The fingers are outstretched, filled with promise, beckoning with whispers of calm as comfort glistens in the drops of light cast by His Glory.

To know that He exists is not enough. To see Him is a step in the right direction, to reach out and grasp the outstretched hand that waits patiently for our attention is the ultimate connection in finding fellowship.

Allow just one finger to touch the hand of God that nestles in creation and the presence of the Holy Spirit will light your path and guide your daily journey through life’s tribulations.

See his hand, grasp it, and hold on for dear life!



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