#fridayfootprints – Friday 5th August 2022

When we lift our eyes to the heavens, are we seeing heaven or perhaps the sky, clouds a passing bird (or plane)?

To see heaven we need to lift our eyes far deeper than ‘..to the hills..from whence cometh my help.’

To lift our eyes for a full view of the Trinity is a chance to really see the treasure that exists in the promise of God and the gift that has been given to us.

Thoughts of heaven with a golden throne are to be found in God’s creation wherever we look. To lift our eyes is not to glance upwards but to look deeper and see beyond the superficial that exists before us.

The gold is in the gift of grace.

Our communication with God through prayer is not a chance to speak to Him but an opportunity for Him to speak to us. He speaks in the sights and sounds that surround us. We just need to ‘lift’ our eyes and look deeper and then to look deeper still and see with more than just our sight. Here we will find His ‘Soul Whisper’.

To find Him is to know that His gift of Grace has been given to all mankind. Wear His grace as a cloak and let your golden centre burst forth to all those you encounter who look skywards.

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