More is never Enough!

covermore  Redemption – and the path towards it, is not always so easy. For many, the journey towards believing in God and actually accepting Christ are two very different things. For many the journey has many setbacks and disappointments and loss of ‘faith’.

Accepting the concept of redemption and death, where ‘dying to self’ forms the crux of a Christians existence on earth is often the most difficult part of our relationship with God. Giving up our selfish nature is the hardest thing we have to deal with in a modern world.

‘More is never enough’ is an attempt to put this dilemma into perspective.

Through the threat of a Treason trial, Jud finds out that the cost of betrayal can be a painful and frustrating exercise. He spent his life pursuing his own version of “I”. His dreams for himself finally come into perspective through the process of preparing for his trial.

‘More is never enough’ is journey of exploration of the complete sacrifice of ‘self’ as an act of obedience in what God calls us to do through the sacrifice of His Son. The story deals with this sacrifice in terms of giving up a successful career and retirement to answer a call God has made.

More is never enough – available in softcover @ R100.00 plus postage.

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